The Cellar

Behind our wines , the indissoluble love for our land, the inner need to hand down traditions and the great desire to leave a mark. We cultivate our land with that kind of love which every mother and father have for their children, recognizing their merits and striving to give to them

For us, each bottle represents the goal of a path that has led the grapes to become wine and the stepping stone for new perspectives.



Still white wine with a strong and structured character.

The combination of Garganega grape, typically balanced, with Trebbiano di Soave grape, more fragrant and aromatic vine, make this wine perfect starting from the aperitif to the dinner.


A still red wine that brings itself a note of lightness and fragrance.

Wine with a young and immediate taste, which encapsulates the tradition of the land.


Valpolicella Superiore

Still red wine with a strong and persuasive character.

The drying of the grapes gives it roundness and the maturation in wood completes its structure.


Red wine that represents the maximum expression of our territory.

Elegant, refined and persistent, exactly as it should be..



Wine with a sweet and soft taste, due to a slow withering. It is the wine suitable for parties and special moments with family.

Perfect with biscuits or shortcrust pastry. Excellent with aged cheeses.

The Francis Grappa

Colour Grappa
Amber colour Grappa with conferred by maturation in oak barrels.
and elegant

Per ottimi abbinamenti, prediligete cibi che riducono o azzerano la persistenza delle sensazioni gustative come la cioccolata, i pistacchi salati, i crostini con miele d’acacia. Anche alcuni tipi di formaggio come il parmigiano sono consigliati.