Our History

Our History

About Us

We basically come from our country ground, in the simplest way. We have always been grape growers, wine producers since 2009.
The story of a our family was aspired from being something more than just grapes producers.
We wanted to chart a new path. We wanted something belonging to our own for real.

Put together a very strong entrepreneurial spirit, courage, ambition and that little bit of unconsciousness that is needed to make the big leaps in life, and you will find yourself in front of us.
The desire to elevate traditions and experience new things are the basis of our choices.
Our small kingdom was born in Cellore, a small village in the east of Verona.
This is where it all begins.
This is where we leave tomorrow.


Constant presence in the company’s daily routine.
If everything works out as planned is thanks to her organization.


Solid base of our company. In love with his vines therefore he grows up his grapes up to the cellar.


Head and commercial soul of the company. His ability to create connection and involving in the company is disarming.


Numbers and marketing issue are her bussiness . Her goal? To show you what is behind every single bottle.


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